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Virtual civic identity

The paper presents a study on a typology of civic identities of public contributors of online articles on forums and their possibilities of automatic identification. We analyse the dialogic means and exploration of automatic extraction of features from forum utterances.

The research suggests new perspectives for defining types of online commentators of public discourses addressing domains such as politics, arts, education, etc. In the investigation we apply some pragmalinguistics approaches on communication, mainly taken from polyphony and enunciation areas. Continue reading

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Relying on language

Studying discourses seems to be an endless occupation, mostly because of the different approaches to the concept of ‘discourse’, but also because of the ever changing media and contexts where discourses take place. Our attention has always been drawn to the idea that discourses are social interactions which leave traces in our lives. Continue reading

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Phrases in Time…

The text deals with clichés, in the sense of phrases everybody uses just because they are in fashion. The difference between phrase and enunciation, between text and discourse is the foundation of the claim made in this study. A phrase – any phrase – can have a semantic of its own and this makes it worth using in some contexts. In other words, the phrases get meanings in context. But the changing of contexts could make a perfectly acceptable phrase become not so acceptable. Or, contexts evolve and resuming former truth can have the most unexpected results. Some notorious
phrases are discussed and proven out of date or simply inadequate. On the other hand, a well known phrase is saluted as happily enriched with a meaning which got lost over the years. When it comes to using phrases, we have discourses, and the meaning of any discourse is contextual. Clichés don’t work well all the time.

Keywords: context sensitive meaning, phrase vs. enunciation, text vs. discourse, clichés Continue reading

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Wisdom and the Cultural Dimension of Appropriateness

In any book on Communication we find rules or even maxims, guiding us in being efficient. The idea of this text is that there is no rule in communication. There can be just one acceptable principle and it says: “Be appropriate!”. People have to do what they have to do in different situations, in different contexts, in order to get their intentions through. A good starting point could be the phrase of Ivan Preston: Meanings are in people, not in messages. From there, all one needs is wisdom, and our approach is not more encouraging on defining that then defining appropriateness.

Keywords: appropriateness, wisdom, rules in communication. Continue reading

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Jean Michel Cantacuzène – Une vie en Roumanie. De la Belle Époque à la République populaire: 1899-1960,

Paris, l’Harmattan, 201 Prendre pour sujet la vie extra-ordinaire d’un personnage que l’auteur même traite d’égal à ceux de la Renaissance est une entreprise gigantesque, qui devrait faire peur. Sauf que notre auteur, M Jean Michel Cantacuzène s’est déjà durci … Continue reading

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Lexic românesc: cuvinte, metafore, expresii (Stelian Dumistrăcel)

Lexicografii sînt, în general, recunoscuţi drept cercetători care consemnează starea limbii la un moment dat. Pare plat, pare neinteresant sau, cel mult, interesant pentru foarte puţini cititori, majoritatea, lingvişti. Atunci cînd munca lexicografului cuprinde nu doar explicarea de cuvinte, ci … Continue reading

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A Logical Approach to Argumentation

Any result of a discursive activity can be analyzed from at least two distinct perspectives: a logical one (aiming to establish the correctness of the thoughts, and the way each thought is related with the next one, in a clear, easy to follow judgement); a semiotic perspective would offer the possibility to understand the way the utterer has used the linguistic material (as signs, in communication), in order to reach the goal s/he is after, taking into account the relations between the signs and their users, as well as the interaction between the participants to the argument. In the present paper, we intend to stress out the logical perspective. Continue reading

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Metode bibliografice de cercetare

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Comunicare publică. Relaţii publice

Un condensat de informatii despre viziunea mea cu privire la comunicare (in general), la comunicarea publica si la Relatiile Publice, toate, dintr-o perspectiva mai degraba semiotica. Continue reading

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Logica si limbaj

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